Wrought Iron Railings

Traditionally, Wrought Iron is a kind of iron with very low carbon content but includes slag to give it the appearance of grain resembling wood. Wrought Iron is tough malleable and corrosion resistant. When blacksmithing was the primary way to create metal objects, wrought iron was the most common form of malleable iron. In fact, the Eiffel tower is made from a form wrought iron. Even though wrought iron isn’t produced on a commercial scale anymore, many iron pieces are cast to resemble the beautiful look of wrought iron.

Wrought Iron has a very distinctive look that is hard to reproduce in full detail. This is especially true when there is a break in the metal. Wrought Iron looks a lot like cracked wood. There are a lot of fibers and striations showing when a piece has been cracked. The truth is that most of the iron that is described as wrought iron is actually made from something else like mild steel or even cast iron. Modern Wrought Iron is all about the appearance. Technology has come a long way to reproduce that look with many iron objects including our stair handrails.

Installation of our handrails is very easy if you follow our included instructions and take advantage of our how to videos that explain the entire process. With some tools you probably have laying around and the high quality assembly pieces included in your iron handrail kit, you’ll be able to have your new handrail installed within a couple of hours even if you aren’t very experienced with the installation of stair railings.

Contact us for more information about our iron railings and handrails. We’ll be happy to explain the answer to any of your questions and help you find the perfect handrail for your outdoor stairs. DIY Handrails has a long history of creating beautiful handrails that are easy to install yourself with no difficulty. Shop with ease with our easy to use online shopping cart and have your iron railing delivered in a few days since we always have our products in stock and ready to be shipped to you.

Here are the steps to have a quality
handrail installed in about an hour.

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