Wall Handrails

When you choose a wall mounted handrail kit from DIY Handrails, you’ll receive a high quality Fortin Ironworks Iron X Handrail that has been designed to hold up to years of abuse and the elements while still looking great after extended time enduring the elements and daily use. Fortin has been making superior wall mounted stair handrails for many years and over that time have created beautiful styles that stand the test of time.

Choosing to go with a wall mounted handrail has several benefits in some situations. When your stairs have a solid wall on one or both sides, it’s important to keep a certain clearance between the wall and the railing. Wall mounted railings consistently keep this spacing without the worry of having the railing move towards the wall if pushed hard like a pole mounted railing may do. One of the primary benefits of a wall mounted railing is that it keeps the steps themselves clear from support poles. This will ensure that there is no accidental tripping over the support poles when approaching the top or bottom step.

Mounting the wall handrail is an easy task by following our step by step instructions and easy to follow how to videos. Our wall mounted handrail kits include the railing itself, wall mounting brackets, and self drilling screws that will secure the railing tightly against the wall and keep it help tight during extended use. Our DIY handrails are designed to be safely installed by people of all experience levels. Many customers have easily created a safe and reliable handrail that holds up not only in strength, but in looks as well.

Our wall mounted handrails work perfectly indoors and outdoors. We have premade handrails that fit staircases anywhere from 1 step to 5 steps. The 5 stair riser model is 5 feet long overall and has a 1.5” spacing from the rail to the wall which creates a great space that is safe for fingers and doesn’t get in the way of the steps. If a longer handrail is needed we can custom make up to a 100 inch long railing which is the largest that can be shipped to your door.

When you buy a wall mounted handrail from DIY Handrails you’ll receive a long lasting and strong wall handrail that will serve you well for years. Our kit includes all of the hardware you’ll need to install the handrail yourself regardless of your experience level. Our easy to follow instructions will make secure installation a breeze and the looks of our wall handrail will compliment your home from the interior and exterior. Shop online today or give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect handrail for your needs. Join our large list of happy customers and buy your wall mounted handrail online today.

Here are the steps to have a quality
handrail installed in about an hour.

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